Up For Debate


One thing I feel we are overlooking, is the next wave of automation. Jobs being replaced aren’t just going to be manual labour and assembly. It is going to be far reaching.

Another side effect of this is accelerating our ever increasing trend to “robotic” behaviour in society. Having different views or lifestyles have always been frowned upon, but now it is enshrined in law that you are not allowed to offend people, without diversity and, yes, even extremes it is difficult to find a happy mix.

What are we going to do about the potential for mass unemployment? Pay a living income? Something akin to Geoism? Proxy voting for money?

There are major revolutions in the way we see life and work just around the corner.

Life Span

Another thing I see is the life span of humans. Increasing all the time. Replacing worn out parts and implants, new drugs and cures. And all this without the manipulation of DNA or the growth of organs from stem cells.

Will death become a “choice”? Could it be that my grandchildren may not have to die unless they get fed up? Might we alive now be the last generations to shuffle off our mortal coils? Seems amazing but when I was growing up, cloning was something that only occurred thousands of years into the future in Dr Who. Genetic manipulation was only in the realms of Star Trek.

The near future could be an incredible time to be alive.

Building and Construction

I don’t know about you, but the state of construction in this country disappoints me. We haven’t changed the way we build houses and yet there are materials and methods that would improve all our lives. For instance, why are new build houses not built with renewable sources of power from plan? I think there is a lack of will and imagination in construction. If I were the Housing Minister it would be a different tale.

The Truth!

Beware of people who peddle the Truth! The Truth is usually a subjective point of view. Observe and regard the evidence and make your own mind up. It’s about the only time you can do this with no boundries. Don’t allow yourself to be brainwashed or indoctrinated by any organisation, always keep an open mind.