The Scientific Trading Company and Friends

This page is a living page and will contain details of all the things I get up to with my Steampunk writing.

The stories I have written so far are all short stories containing characters related to the central pair, William McBride and Victoria Perkins. William McBride is an engineer and inventor, Victoria Perkins is a scientist and adventuress. I take my inspiration from a couple of characters I made up for a game world. I created them for Space 1889, the first RPG with a Steampunk setting. They trade in unusual goods and create bespoke gadgets for people from a shop in London, a secret shop using an apothecary as a cover. Kind of like a Victorian Maplins or Radio Shack, but more exclusive!

The Characters

William or Billy, as he prefers, is a big chap with a shock of blonde hair and a well trimmed beard. He is adventurous and curious, he loves gadgets and discovering new things. A little bit chaotic.

Victoria is slender and short (5ft) with long dark hair and green eyes. She is smart, organised and likes being right. Sensible and grounded, she is a suitable foil for Billy. Independently minded and driven to succeed.

Inspector Brown works for Scotland Yard, in their Division of Strange Anomalies (The DoSsArs). He is a little bit lazy, but bright and imaginative. Billy’s best friend with a crush on Victoria, he is a little bit afraid of the intellects of both and some of their gadgets leave him baffled.

Higgs Boson is Brown’s sidekick and comedy foil. He is not the sharpest tool in the box, but he is loyal and hard working.

John Wesley McBride is Billy’s cousin. He is a definite upper-class twit. An excellent shot, horse rider and athlete, he has an aura of “unlucky luck” about him that both gets him in and out of trouble. He has limited empathy for those about him. Currently in the USA trying to carve a name for himself as a “shootist”, although we are not sure if he really understands what this means.

I am introducing two new characters in future stories. Dr Childs’ daughter, also known as Dr Childs and Priti Perkins, Victoria’s half sister.