Free Reading

I shall put my free to read material up here for people to have a look at. It’s just things that I have been playing with, character notes and the like. Feel free to distribute to all your friends. Or if you would like to pay me for my hard work and support my food habit, then feel free to poddle along to:-

ISO Standard Day

Lets start with a new BS EN ISO ISO 69000001:2345 Standard Day Cycle:- ISO Standard Day Cycle

Interstellar Standards Organisation logo

Interstellar Standards Organisation  logo, my take on where the ISO might go to in a few hundred years. If we do start to colonise other planets, we are going to have to think about how we arrange our time on each new planet, and some will be very different from our 24 hour day. That is with out getting in to the year thing.

New Hope

Some early notes from a novel idea, the city of New Hope is the starting point. I like the name New Hope and will use it in a book at some point in the future, one for you Star Wars fans :-

New Hope Notes

A sketch I did of New Hope, which is very rough, but gives an idea of what I was thinking, with a nice deep ravine to drill into the side of. My story “Glowdomes” outlines my ideas on how I think the first city on Mars will develop:-

New Hope, Capital City of Mars


Federation Space, Planet Busters

Notes from a design for a game world, nothing is very earth shattering in here, but I did edit one thing out that will appear in a story coming soon:-

Federation Space