Introducing Geo

Fish Lady with Geo at event


I am S. Geo Muir, you can call me Geo. I write science fiction stories, books and games. New to authoring as a profession but hoping to make a splash, I have been writing imaginative material all my life. I grew up in Lincolnshire where I first started getting involved with Role Playing Games. We were called nerds and weirdos, or worst of all devil worshipers and that no good would come of the hobby. But, we all believed in the Great Gygax and look now, the games industry is worth a fortune.

Geo does his best impression of Harry Secombe

This RPG hobby is where all my writing comes from, the depth of imagination I had as a child, I have kept as an adult. So you can hopefully now benefit from that vast pit of never ending ideas. I like Pulp Fiction, Steampunk, Old School Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk and Trans-humanism. My favourite author is probably Harry Harrison, who wrote The Stainless Steel Rat books. But I also like Heinlein, Aldiss, HG Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Shelley’s masterpiece, Judge Dredd, and much more.

Humour is important in life and many of my stories involve a bit of humour, except when the subject is serious of course…

I remember my first “novel”. I wrote a story for First Year English, that’s Year 7 in new money. It was a space opera about a star fighter pilot. No doubt inspired by Star Wars or more likely Battlestar Galactica. It had a picture on the front and was 20 pages long, all hand written.

S Geo Muir serves a yard of ale in a previous life

This is a new journey for me, I hope you will join me and we can grow together. Before this I have been an Engineer and Technical Officer for a laser game company that also made rides for theme parks. An entrepreneur with my own IT business, then an event bar. I worked as a business adviser and an International Trade Adviser, leading trade missions to India on behalf of the UK government and met lots of business gurus, diplomats and politicians. There was even a meeting with Shri Narendra Modi, current Prime Minister of India to help some British businesses set up in Gujarat.

You can also see me in a virtual way, on facebook at my page at

S. Geo Muir.

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I whittle wood, making all sorts of objects. I am an archer, I occasionally audit ISO 9001 to pay the mortgage and I can fly a helicopter.

Oh, and I make soap with my son.