Geomancy. Anthology of Science Fiction and Steampunk

My first book is here! It is an anthology entitled Geomancy: Soil Free! There are 7 fabulous short stories of various subjects and eras. Get reading today!

The stories are:-

Aqua Sulis, about some good folks on a strange alien planet caught up with an alien virus.

Remember you’re a Womble, has a look at humanity in the face of war for a group of humans fighting to preserve our species.

Glowdomes, speculates about the way we might grow food a few hundred years from now.

Sunburn, thinks about who might just turn up to watch the end of the Earth.

With the three Steampunk stories entitled Highland Fling, Springheeled Nuisance and Watchers, about The Scientific Trading Company. That completes the Anthology.

The link at Amazon is:-


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